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Collateral Assignments

Huntley Police Officers have a number of options of collateral assignments to continually enhance and develop their skills.  Specialized in-service training is generally required to improve proficiency in performing the duties and responsibilities of these assignments.

Crisis Intervention Team
Officers who are specially trained in helping individuals suffering mental illnesses or developmental disabilities serve as Crisis Intervention Team members. 

Bicycle Patrol
Officers who work on the bicycle patrol team are utilized for high visibility patrols, citizen contacts, special events, and other identified patrol areas best suited for bicycle access. 

Evidence Technicians
Trained Evidence Technicians are responsible for processing crime scenes and accident scenes. This includes detection of latent fingerprints, crime scene photography, preservation and collection of physical evidence and crime scene sketching.

Innovations and Technology Committee
Administration believes that good ideas come from anyone and anywhere in an organization.  All employees are encouraged to submit ideas to the Innovations Team, which consists of staff from various divisions within the department.  The Team reviews submissions, conducts research with the submitter and helps present ideas to the Command Staff for possible implementation.

Training Instructors
Our in-house training instructors are responsible for instructing personnel in the safe and proper use of both less-lethal weapons and weaponless defensive tactics. Other instruction includes mental health response, diversity, emergency vehicle operators course, and traffic stops.

Strategic Planning Committee
The Huntley Police Department maintains a 5-year strategic plan, developed with input from a team of employees from various levels and divisions. 

Field Training Officers
The team of Field Training Officers instruct new recruits on laws, Department policy, procedures, rules and regulations.

Forensic Interviewer

Forensic interviewers are specially trained to ask child victims a series of unbiased, non-leading questions to elicit information about the abuse in an age- and developmentally-appropriate manner. During the interview, the child and the interviewer meet one-on-one. Others involved in the investigation observe the interview through a one-way mirror and listening system, so they can collect evidence for their investigations.  Forensic interviewer work closely with the McHenry County Child Advocacy Center and the Kane County Child Advocacy Center.

Drone Team

The Drone Team consists of authorized personnel who have received appropriate training, certification and licensure on the use of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS or “drones”), to enhance the department’s mission of protecting lives and property when other means and resources are not available or are less effective. Team members must in strict compliance to relevant statutes, constitutional, privacy rights and the Federal Aviation Administration and 14 CFR 107 requirements.  Members are responsible for maintaining the safe operation of the UAS, to include maintenance of the unit.  The members deploy the UAS for uses such as search and rescue, crime scene documentation, evidence collection and accident investigation.  

Recruitment Team
The Huntley Police Department is committed to hiring and retaining the best employees available.  Our outstanding officers are one of our greatest recruiting assets.  The Recruitment Team helps to execute the recruitment strategy through attendance at recruiting events, college career fairs, social media posts and developing other creative ideas to attract quality applicants.

Social Media Team
Effective communication with our residents and other stakeholders is key to advancing our mission.  Members of the Social Media team help the social media coordinator generate content to inform the community and drive engagement.  Our current social media channels include FacebookInstagram and Twitter.

Truck Enforcement Team
Commercial trucking is a large business in Huntley and the suburban Chicago area. The Truck Enforcement Team exists to provide safe passage through Huntley for all motor vehicle traffic as they share the roads with larger and heavier commercial vehicles. 
The primary duties of the Truck Enforcement Unit are:
  • Enforcement of weight and size violations.
  • Issuing permits for overweight and oversize vehicles using Village maintained highways.
  • Education of local trucking companies in regards to local and State laws.
  • Assisting the Illinois State Police with random roadside portable scale roadblocks.
  • Coordination between developers, trucking companies and the Village with respect to truck routing in and out of commercial jobsites.
  • Handling complaints from residents about truck specific problems.
  • Checking trucks for safety and driver’s license classification violations.
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